Engineering Excellence for Maritime and Energy


Control and data acquisition systems




Each facility is equipped with one Compact Rio plus synchronised EtherCAT modules when required. A large number of inputs and outputs C-Series modules are available and suitable for most of the standard signals, analogue voltages (+/-10Vdc, 4-20mA, Wheatstone bridges, etc.) or digital signals (0 to 5, 10 or 20 Vdc for system status, encoders, etc.)

The data is acquired and stored in the Compact Rio and a real time display on the control computer shows the relevant variables numerically and graphically.


Motion measurements




Qualisys or Coda motion measurement systems are available in all the test tanks. They are capable of monitoring, in real time, the x, y and z co-ordinates of markers placed on the physical model and the six degree motion (including rotations) of a rigid body fitted with at least four markers. The motion data is acquired via proprietary software independent from the Compact Rio which acquires all other parameters. Both systems are synchronised with an electrical pulse.


Electrical workshop




Lir-NOTF is equipped with an electrical/instrumentation workshop with support staff available for model modifications that may be required prior to testing or connection to the facility equipment. The workshop includes wiring tools (wires, connectors and soldering), adjustable DC power sources, sink resistors and measurement equipment (multi-meters, oscilloscopes, etc.)


Mechanical Workshop




Lir-NOTF is equipped with a mechanical workshop with support staff available for model construction or modifications that may be required prior to testing. The workshop includes a lathe machine, milling machine, panel saw, horizontal band saw, drilling tools, stick welding and all the basic manual tools.