Lir NOTF consists of state of the art wave tanks and electrical rigs that allow for scaled testing in a controlled environment.

The state of the art facilities comprise a 2,600 m^2 tank hall which houses 4 different wave tanks. These include a new  deep ocean wave basin (circa 1:15 scale testing) and capable of producing waves of up to 1.2 metres high, an ocean wave basin (circa 1:50 scale testing), a wave and current  flume with coastal/tidal testing capabilities (circa 1:50 scale testing) and a wave demonstration  flume.

Deep Ocean Basin
35 m  x  12 m  x  3 m deep
It has a movable floor plate to allow the water depth be adjusted, making it suitable for circa. 1/15 scale operational conditions and 1/50 scale survival waves. Equipped with 16 hinged force feedback paddles capable of a peak wave generation condition of Hs = 0.6 m, Tp = 2.7 s and Hmax = 1.1 m.
Ocean Basin
25 m  x  18 m  x  1 m deep
Used for testing a variety of marine structures (wave energy convertors, floating wind platforms, coastal structures, oil & gas platforms). It has capacity for adding a 2.5 m deep section and it can produce real and simulated sea states. The wave generation peaks at Hs = 0.16 m, Tp = 1.4 s and Hmax = 0.32 m.
Wave & Current Flume
28 m  x  3 m  x  1 m deep
A multi-purpose facility with the capability of running separate and combined unidirectional wave and current tests. It has 8 hinged force feedback paddles with adjustable height positioning and three thrusters for generating current speeds of greater than 1 m/s. The wave generation peaks at Hs = 0.16 m, Tp = 1.5 s and Hmax = 0.35 m. It is fitted with a towing carriage that can operate at speeds up to 1.5 m/s.
Wave Watch Flume
15 m  x  0.75 m  x  1 m deep
A glass sided flume with a single wave flap for wave generation. Used to provide students with an introduction to tank testing as well as device concept development and stability testing of coastal structures.

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